Announcing AUDITIONS for The Music Man by Meredith Wilson on May 15 and 16 at 6:30 p.m at Pelham High School auditorium, 2500 Panther Cir, Pelham, AL 35124
This production is a joint venture between South City Theatre and the Pelham School System and is directed by Dianne Rowe. Melissa Bailey is the choreographer and Emily Hoppe is the music director. 
Please prepare 16 bars of a traditional Broadway song, either acapella or with a recorded accompaniment track on your own device, and dress for movement.

Performance dates are July 13-16 at the Pelham High School auditorium.

 All roles are available. Actors, singers and dancers ages 10 and up are welcome! All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Actors under age 10 will be considered, but must have a parent/guardian who is willing to audition and be cast along with the child. Townspeople of all ages are needed, in addition to the roles listed below.

HAROLD HILL A con man, traveling under the auspices of a salesman, he eventually falls in love with Marian Paroo. Charismatic and charming. 

MARIAN PAROO - Daughter of Mrs. Paroo, sister to Winthrop. Stuffy, librarian and piano teacher in town. Very learned and defends the “questionable” books that are in the library.

CHARLIE COWELL - A traveling salesmen who is on to Harold Hill’s schemes. Tirelessly attempts to prove to everyone the true con man behind Harold Hill. 

MAYOR SHINN A blustery politician who is all too “self-important.” Married to Eulalie, he is skeptical of the town rumor mill. 

MARCELLUS WASHBURN Harold’s chummy old friend and former con man, he now lives in River City and is trying to settle down. 

TOMMY DJILAS An attractive, young man from the wrong side of town. He is secretly courting Zaneeta. 

MRS. PAROO Cheerful and always plotting. An Irish widow and mother to Marian and Winthrop. 

WINTHROP PAROO (age 8-12) - son of Mrs Paroo, sister of Marian. Shy, with a very pronounced lisp. 

EULALIE MCKECKNIE SHINN Mayor Shinn’s wife. A self-important serial gossiper and snob, she has trouble keeping her opinions to herself.

ZANEETA SHINN The Mayor’s fresh-faced daughter who is in love with Tommy. Sweet and outgoing. Appears to be daffy at times. 

AMARYLLIS (age 8-12) - piano student of Marian's, has a crush on Winthrop. 

ALMA HIX - A “Pick-a-Little Lady” married to Oliver Hix. 

MAUD DUNLOP - A “Pick-a-Little Lady” married to Ewart Dunlop. 

ETHEL TOFFELMIER - A comical “Pick-a-Little Lady,” and Marcellus Washburn’s girlfriend.

MRS. SQUIRES - A “Pick-a-Little Lady” married to Jacey Squires.

BARBERSHOP QUARTET - Stodgy, bickering members of the school board who answer to the mayor. Classic barbershop harmonies replace their disagreement. 

ENSEMBLE includes Constable Locke, Traveling Salesmen, River City Parents, and River City Kids